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Malibu bound at the age of 20, Pamela left the pristine lakes of Minnesota to walk the ever changing sand dunes of Zuma Beach. Water is her calling and an oil brush is never far from her reach. 


The visceral impact of the creatures and seaweed washed up in her canvas, transports you to the ocean’s paths.


The creative process begins with collecting materials from her long walks on the beaches. She artfully places them together so that the onlooker has a visual story that is pleasing to the eye and evokes the essence of sea life and nature. After taking several pictures for reference she is ready to begin her inspirational paintings.


In the summer you will find Pamela exploring the San Juan Islands, looking for the perfect tangerine colored starfish,crab or rocks draped in iridescent kelp. 

She travels to many coastal cities to find the perfect collection of sea life with color, texture and mood that will have impact on her final work.


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